Papion Designs of San Diego original handmade fashion bags and purses.

Below is a sampling of our latest pieces available for purchase.  Free shipping in the U.S.

If you are looking for something special, contact us to help you design fashion accessories to match your lifestyle, such as wedding, special affairs and more. Free consultation to discuss your unique original fashion statement.


Yellow & Black Chic Flowers Chiffon Necklace

This fashionable necklace is designed with yellow and black lightweight chiffon flower fabric. Bright splash of floral colors accented with bright gold metallic lace , shiny rhinestones, silky pearls and faceted button for center piece charm.

Size: 16-22 inches (adjustable)


Price: $28  includes free shipping and handling.


Shades of Lavender and Purple Chic Necklace

This stunning necklace contains 2 parts that give this piece a very unique look. Designed with shades of lightweight organza lavender and purple flowers. Accented with  bright gold metallic lace flowers and multi-colored pink rhinestones in the center of this piece.

Size: 16-22 inches (adjustable)

Style# N101

Price: $48 free shipping and handling .


Shades of Turquoise & Crystal Rhinestones Necklace

This popular design is created with vibrant pink, turquoise metallic gold lace accented with dark blue and purple sequins for a splash of shiny fashion bling. Finished off with large multi-colored Crystal Swarovski rhinestones added as a center pieces to create a stunning fashion accessory for wear with casual or evening wear.  Size: 16-22 inches (it’s adjustable)

style #N102

Price: $48 free shipping and handling.


Green Goddess Designer Necklace

This piece is made with a variety of luscious green shades of lace. This exceptional piece is accented with bright and shiny multi-green shades of Swarovski rhinestone crystals.

Size: 16-22 inches (it’s adjustable)

style #N103

Price: $48 free shipping and handling.


Elegant Lace Flower & Faux Pearl Necklace

This delicate designer jewelry piece is created with round, heavy weight champagne color lace.  Enhanced with colorful multi-pink shiny rhinestones and luxurious faux pearls.

The length of the necklace is 16-22 inches (it’s adjustable)  the center piece measures 2by 2 inches.

… #N104

Price: $20 free shipping and handling.


Champagne & Lace Necklace

This graceful designer necklace is fashioned with layers of rich champagne colored laces. A dainty and elegant fashion accessory that is embellished with faux pearls and sequins to guarantee a splash to any outfit. Perfect as part of your bridal wear or as a fashion accessory for any outfit casual or for a night out on the town.

Size:16-22 inches (it’s adjustable).

style #N105

Price:$36 free shipping and handling.


White Lace Flower Necklace

This elegant and simple piece is created with  layers and layers of delicate white lace fashioned into a beautiful delicate white flower. The center of the flower has small faux pearls and a large faceted tear drop shaped amber rhinestone.

Length 16-22 inches ( it’s adjustable) the center piece measures 3 inches in diameter.

Style #N106

Price: $28 free shipping and handling.


Red & Gold Luxury Lace Necklace

This piece has bright red cord which hangs a elegant pendant style designed with layers of metallic gold lace and accented with a faceted rich red rhinestone.

Length 16-22 inches (it’s adjustable)

The pendant piece measures: 2″x 1″

style# N107

Price:$25 free shipping and handling.



Delicate Lace Blue Flower Necklace


This striking flower of lace necklace is a statement of  designing with layers of turquoise and soft tool fabric into a shape of a lightweight  flower with the center focus on metallic gold lace trimmed and highlighted by multi colored faceted crystal and rhinestone. finished off by a baby blue lightweight silky blue satin cord.

Length: 16-22 inches ( it’s adjustable) The flower measures 3 inches in diameter.

Style# N108

Price:$28 Free shipping and handling.


Bold Red & Gold Black Cord Necklace

This gem is made of lots of metallic gold lace, accents of ribbon roses, and multi colored shiny crystal rhinestones. Thick black satin cording complements this stunning necklace.

Length: 16-22 inches ( it’s adjustable)

The centerpiece measures: 2″x 3″ inches.


Price: $25 – Free shipping and handling


Green Peacock  Feather Black Cord Necklace


This richly designed inspired by the brightly feathered peacock is rich with the green shades of this exotic bird.  Metallic gold lace, peacock feather s and multi-colored rhinestones.  The black silk neck cording finishes off this one of a kind fashion art piece.

Length 16-22 inches it’s adjustable

Pendant size: 2×3 inches

Price: $25 Free shipping and handling .


Stylish Canary Yellow Necklace

This one of a kind ready-made piece is focused on Yellow lace, sequins, shades of lavenders and brightly colored crystals and rhinestones. I was inspired to design with miniature flowers for a spring fashion statement.

Length: 16-22 inches, it’s adjustable

Pendent size 2 by 3 inches.

Style # N111

Price:$25 – Free shipping and handling


Bold Abstract & Flower Accent Necklace

Lightweight fabric designed was the inspiration with this contemporary selection. The focus designed part of the accessory is layered with 4 brightly colored shaped designs for the multi-colored effect.  This original piece is made by layering the vibrant soft felt and and decorating with fine metallic gold lace and adding multi-colored crystal as a stunning center piece.

The black satin cording gives an elegant look to this necklace.

Length: 16-22 inches, it’s adjustable.

The center piece measures 2/1/2 by 1/1/2 inches.

Style# N112

Price: $25 – Free shipping and handling.